Key Steel Industry Trade Association Welcomes the Bipartisan Congressional Trade

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The following is a reprint of a press release by AIIS:

Church, VA, January 9, 2014 -  The American Institute for International Steel issued the following statement following the introduction today of the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014 to renew the President’s Trade Promotion Authority (TPA):

“The American Institute for International Steel (AIIS) welcomes and enthusiastically supports the bipartisan legislation introduced today to renew the President’s Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). This important legislation is certainly among the most significant trade bills introduced in Congress since the President’s trade negotiating authority expired in July 2007,” noted Richard Chriss, AIIS Executive Director.

“Trade Promotion Authority is important because consistent, sustained American leadership in global trade is so important. Trillions of dollars of economic activity--about a quarter of our gross domestic product--is derived from trade. In fact, the amount of economic benefit the United States derives from trade every year is greater than the entire GDP of many countries,” Chriss said.

“We are currently at the leading edge of several critical trade negotiating initiatives, including the US-EU trade negotiations and the multi-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. TPA empowers our negotiators because it emphatically puts Congress, and therefore the American people, squarely behind the President and his trade team. It means our negotiators will be taken more seriously at the negotiating table. Trade talks are not easy. In fact, they have become much tougher over the past 15 years, as we can see from the failure to conclude the WTO Doha Round negotiations. TPA will not guarantee a successful outcome in our current ongoing trade talks, but it is necessary, because it will give the United States more leverage at the negotiating table as we seek to expand new market access opportunities for steel producers, exporters, shippers, and traders. This bill does the job, and we will work hard to see that it is approved,” Chriss concluded.

AIIS represents a broad and diverse group of companies that make and sell steel around the world, move it on oceans, rivers, roads and rails, and handle it in ports.

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