Sales Training Program

SMU Steel Sales Training

• Do you want to sell more steel?
• Ever wonder why your calls go to voice mail?
• How do you respond to the buyer who only wants to buy price?
• At what point does the close begin?
• What does a buyer do (other than talk to you)?
• What is need based selling?

Beginning in 2015 we began offering a workshop to those involved in the selling of steel products.

Uniquely, this workshop details both the sales and purchasing side of the sales cycle. The instructors for this 8-hour workshop are John Packard (Owner & Publisher of Steel Market Update with 31 years of active steel sales experience) and Mario Briccetti (Principal of Briccetti & Associates, former vice president of purchasing for Metal Sales, Gibraltar Strip Steel and Nordyne with 14 years steel purchasing experience).

This new workshop was derived from a custom sales training program Steel Market Update produced for a specialty stainless steel distributor in early December 2014. The program was well received by both management and our target audience that consisted of inside and outside sales support teammates. So, we wanted to offer a similar program to smaller companies or those who only have a few people that might benefit from a detailed sales training program.

Some of the key steps we focus on as we discuss the steel sales process and how purchasing agents react to them are:

• Generating New Business
• Communicate, Engage, Close
• Understanding the Customer
• Objective Based Thinking
• Cold Calling
• Engagement
• Negotiation
• It’s all about Price, Price, Price
• The Close
• Servicing the Customer

We also offer this program as a custom workshop for any company that has a large group (10 or more people) who might benefit from an in-house workshop rather than sending your employees to an outside location. Contact us for more information regarding costs, our schedule and how we can modify the program to meet your company needs. You can reach us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800-432-3475.