Key Products

Steel Market Update is broken into two business segments: Information and Education.

The Information side of our company is focused on conveying trends, news and important data to those directly involved in the flat rolled steel industry as well as related industries. The information is delivered through our Newsletters which now include our Executive Newsletter which is delivered three times per week and our additional Premium Newsletter Supplement which is delivered once per week on average. The Information side of our business also includes this website which has been designed to provide a different experience depending on whether you are a visitor, free trial member, Executive subscriber or Premium Member which includes the deepest access to all the information held within this website.

As you move about our website you will find many proprietary products exclusive to Steel Market Update. SMU has been building price indices, Sentiment, special industry surveys dealing with a wide variety of issues including mill lead times, mill negotiations by product, service center inventory levels, purchasing trends, service center spot pricing trends and much more. Some of this information is available to the public - most is reserved for our Executive and Premium subscribers.

The Education side of our business is focused on training those within the industry about the industry and how to be the most successful within the flat rolled steel industry. This is done through our workshops - which include Steel 101: Introduction to Steelmaking & Market Fundamentals and our Managing Price Risk workshop.  More details can be found about each elsewhere on this website. We hold conferences in the fall of the year which we call our Steel Summit Conference. With this new website we will begin developing more educational products focusing on webinars, e-learning modules and White Papers. 

The Education side of our business also includes specially designed training programs that are company or organization specific. We work directly with you or your organization to increase your knowledge of the industry and how to deal with the challenges within the industry. 

We hope you will spend some time getting to know our website and our products.