Our Mission

It is the mission of Steel Market Update to inform, educate, and motivate our readers on the ever changing steel market. We have a responsibility to our members (subscribers) for providing accurate and timely insight into the dominant market forces and price fluctuations of steel commodities. We take pride in the value that we provide to our members and our reputation as a leader in flat rolled steel market news and analysis.

The Purpose of Steel Market Update has not changed from its inception:

  • Inform - Steel Market Update’s goal is to provide real-time pricing, market trends and relevant news and analysis which relates to the North American flat rolled steel and related markets.
  • Educate - Steel Market Update is involved in the presentation as well as analysis of news, events, pricing and other key market indicators which affect your ability to conduct your functions with the steel industry.
  • Motivate – Steel Market Update believes in developing well-informed, educated, steel participants who can effectively think through and execute timely decisions benefiting their interest, company, family and ultimately themselves.

As part of our mission we encourage serious Discussions within your company as well as the greater Steel Market Update community. Consider our newsletter and website as a portal or conduit to assist in prompting important conversations on topics such as ethics, competition, direction, quality, costs and pricing which affect you and your company’s ability to be successful in an ever-changing steel community and world.