Our Mission

It is the mission of Steel Market Update to inform, educate, and motivate our readers on the ever changing steel market. We have a responsibility to provide our subscribers with accurate and timely insights into the key market forces and trends affecting price and supply of steel and related commodities. We take pride in the value that we provide to our members and our reputation as a leader in flat rolled steel market news and analysis.

The Purpose of Steel Market Update has not changed from its inception:

  • To Inform - Steel Market Update provides real-time pricing, news and analysis of market trends affecting North American flat rolled steel, plate, scrap and related markets.
  • To Educate - Steel Market Update offers in-depth analysis of key indicators, as well as conferences and training programs, that give participants a greater understanding of the steel market.
  • To Motivate – Steel Market Update believes in helping to develop well educated, well informed decision makers who can make timely decisions to the benefit of their companies, their families and their industry.

Steel Market Update various platforms exist as places that can spark a dialogue or assist in the decision-making process as to what is truly important within the manufacturing and steel industries. We believe topics such as free and fair trade, quality, costs, pricing, competition, careers and ethics will bring a sense of community to the steel industry and will benefit everyone in the process.

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