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Welcome to the Steel Market Update Learning Center. SMU has always been committed to educating our community and empowering members with valuable resources and tools. The SMU Learning Center is one of our latest features here on the improved website, and we hope that you will find the new resources useful.

Steel Market Update is proud to be the leader in steel market education and training. Steel Market Update immerses participates in engaging learning experiences that equip attendees with the knowledge and skills that are necessary in a competitive steel market.

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Managing Price Risk (A panel discussion with Andre Marshal, John Packard, and YOU)
Register for this live one hour webinar to learn how to hedge price risk, protect margins, and protect your inventories. You will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions directly to our expert panel and host. Register now! Free for Premium Members. $99 for guest.


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Featured: Steel Billing Methods

Do you know how you are being billed for your steel? Don’t let others take advantage of you! Learn how flat rolled steel is bought and sold, and start making smart purchasing decisions! In this course you will learn the difference between Theoretical Nominal Weight, Theoretical Minimal Weight, and Actual Weight. Click here to begin.


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