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Tampa Steel Conference

The Tampa Steel Conference is one of the nation’s oldest and largest steel conferences. The event provides a forum to discuss the fast-changing steel market and economic and political themes impacting it. Click the banner to learn more about the agenda, speakers, costs to attend, and how to register.

SMU Steel Summit

The SMU Steel Summit has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, growing from 434 attendees in 2016 to nearly 1500 in 2023. Representing more than 500 companies from the North American Steel Market, this is the event to learn what the future holds and to network and do business. Mark your calendars for Aug. 26-28, 2024.

Survey Results

Discover valuable insights into steel prices with SMU’s market survey. Our timely analysis of lead times, mill negotiations, inventory trends, and market sentiment empowers informed decision-making in a dynamic industry. Stay ahead of the curve and maximize your opportunities.


Join us for our Community Chat Webinars! Every other Wednesday, we give our community the opportunity to hear from experts discussing topics important to the steel community we serve.


    Interactive Pricing Tool

    Chart steel and scrap prices against key indicators with our Interactive Pricing Tool.

    wdt_ID Product Low Avg High
    1 HR 780 830 880
    2 CR 1,040 1,130 1,220
    5 GI 1,060 1,120 1,180
    6 AZ 1,140 1,160 1,180
    7 PL 1,260 1,320 1,380

    Flat-rolled steel prices

    Survey Results