About Steel Market Update

SMU aims to inform, educate, and motivate readers about the evolving flat-rolled steel market. Explore accurate and timely steel market news and insights into prices and key market trends. It is our aim to be the community leader in flat-rolled steel market intelligence.


We Do Business Differently

We are a team of steel enthusiasts who share a passion to deliver the latest news, pricing, and analysis to our community.

We are independent and impartial. We rely on information from contacts across the steel supply chain.

We provide a platform for you to have conversations with manufacturers, customers, industry colleagues, and with us.

Our industry expertise comes from decades of working closely with mills, service centers, trading companies, and end users. This gives our community access to a deeper understanding of what factors drive news and prices.

Product Offerings

Subscription Newsletter

We publish 3 Executive newsletters per week as well as a Premium newsletter that takes a deeper dive into the big-picture data driving steel demand and pricing.

Steel Price Indices

The only industry source for a price range of steel and scrap products. We update our sheet and plate prices weekly and our scrap prices monthly.

SMU Proprietary Products

Benefits of membership include access to our proprietary products – including our survey results, lead times, and service center inventories.

Annual Steel Summit Conference

SMU hosts the largest flat-rolled steel conference in North America. We also offer a variety of other event networking opportunities throughout the year.

Educational Workshops

Empower your team for success in the flat-rolled steel sector with our custom comprehensive educational resources.

An Impartial Voice for the Steel Industry

We are the industry’s only independent and impartial voice for the buyers and sellers of flat rolled steel products.

Our information is assembled in part by a staff of talented writers and a panel of prominent industry experts.

Steel Market Update maintains ongoing conversations at all levels of the steel industry, from the executive suite to the newly hired buyer, salesperson or support staff. SMU never hesitates to ask tough questions on your behalf – and then we always deliver the answers to you clearly, candidly, and completely.

We Deliver Results

At Steel Market Update, we believe buying & selling steel is like playing chess – those who make moves one at a time will invariably lose to those who can envision the game a few moves ahead.

That’s why we don’t just provide steel prices and trends – we give you the information you need to manage your business in a strategic manner, with one eye firmly focused on the present and the other eye planning realistically for the future.

Our advice is unbiased, but our objective is extremely biased – your financial success.

That’s why Steel Market Update is not just a newsletter – it’s an investment in your decision-making and in your profitability.