Galvanized Coil & Sheet

Calculation for Determining Average Decimal of Coil/Sheet

  • Coil: Scale weight (actual weight) divided by 40.8 divided by Width of Coil in Feet divided by Linear Footage.
  • Sheet: Net weight (less dunnage) or actual weight of skid divided by 40.8 divided by square feet of sheet divided by sheet count.

Calculation for Total Square Footage

  • Coil: Width in Feet X (times) Linear Footage.
  • Sheet: Length in inches X (times) width in inches divided by 144 X (times) sheet count.
  • Sheet: Length in feet X width in feet X sheet count.

Calculation to Convert Zinc Coatings

Zinc Coatings- How to Convert
1 oz/ft2 = 305.15 g/m2
To convert from oz/ft2 to g/m2, multiply by 305.15
Example: G90 (0.90 oz/ft2) = Z275 (275 g/m2)