Our Mission

Steel Market Update aims to inform, educate, and motivate our readers about the ever-changing steel market. We provide accurate and timely insights into news and key market trends affecting steel prices, supply and demand, and market sentiment. In short, we aim to be a leader in flat-rolled steel market intelligence.

SMU’s mission has changed little since its inception:

  • Inform – SMU provides pricing, news, and analysis of the North American sheet, plate, and scrap markets.
  • Educate – We offer in-depth training and industry-leading conferences that give participants a greater understanding of everything from how steel is made to hedging strategies.
  • Motivate – SMU believes in helping to develop well-educated leaders who can make timely decisions to benefit their companies and the wider industry.

Community is also key. SMU provides places – from our Community Chat webinars to our Steel Summit conference in Atlanta – for the steel community to come together. We aim to spark a dialogue not only about prices but also about other important within issues the steel and manufacturing industries. We think open discussion around topics as diverse as international trade, innovation, labor, and ethics help to form this sense of community. (Our networking is pretty good too.)

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