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Severstal Exploring Sites for New Technology Ore Plant

Written by Sandy Williams

Severstal announced that International Iron Beneficiation Group Ltd. (IIGB) has launched a study into the feasibility of locating a granulated iron facility in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Severstal is also considering locations in Quebec, Minnesota, Kentucky and Indiana.

The iron facility would use an innovative process that converts superfine iron ore into metallic iron units without the need for agglomeration. The product would be used in electric arc furnaces as a substitute for scrap. Advantages of the process include cost efficiency and lower environmental impact over traditional iron processing. IGGB is launching the first commercial plant using this technology in Phalaboro, South Africa. Severstal holds a 33 percent stake in the plant.

“IIBG emphasizes at this time that the company is conducting the necessary due diligence to determine the feasibility and priority of potential sites. IIBG cautions and confirms that no final commitments can be made at this very early stage of the business development process,” said Dmitry Solomin, CEO, IIBG.

Severstal has two electric arc furnaces (EAF) at their plant in Columbus, Mississippi (recently visited by SMU Steel 101 workshop).

The company recently put their DRI facility scheduled to be built in Trinidad & Tobago on hold.

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