Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

Our steel market survey began on Monday and will continue until late Thursday afternoon.  If you have received an invitation to participate please click on the link and respond to the questions you can answer.

We are doing triple duty so my apologies if we are missing an article here or there.  We are literally producing two newsletters at the same time – one which is put on the old website and one for the new website.  It may sound like an easy thing to do – but instead it can be very time consuming since the new site will allow us to send each article to various areas within the site (and not just on the newsletter).

We are also adding new pages to the website every day.  John Temples is working on developing e-Learning modules and tips on how to use the new website. We are also training on all the new software we need to understand before the site can come up live.

So, if we seem a bit harried – please forgive us.

A mill in South America found out about Steel Market Update recently having received a copy of our Monthly newsletter. They signed up for a trial of our newsletter and then after a couple of issues sent us and email asking how to get about 50 of their customers on a trial.  My kind of (almost) customer.  Feel free to tell your customers, suppliers or steel related contacts about SMU. We are always looking for a few more valuable customers just like you.

As always your business is very important to us and is truly appreciated.

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