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Storage Dome Collapse to Delay Start-up of Nucor DRI Plant

Written by Sandy Williams

A storage dome collapse will delay the start-up of Nucor’s new DRI plant in Convent, La., until the end of the year said Nucor officials in a press release on Sept. 26.

On Wednesday afternoon, one of three storage domes for storage of iron ore pellets, suffered structural failure and collapsed, creating what sounded like an explosion and prompting calls to 911.  No explosion, fire or injuries occurred.  The dome, which is constructed of concrete with a fabric skin, was reported to look a deflated balloon.  The conveyor system connected to the tops of the three domes was bent. The collapse is under investigation said Nucor officials.

The plant is in the “commissioning stage” and was expected to start production in the next few weeks.  The incident will delay the start of the $750 million DRI project that has been under construction since March 2011.  The plant will use natural gas to convert iron ore pellets into direct reduced iron.  The plant is expected to produce 2.5 million tons of DRI per year.

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