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ArcelorMittal USA Announces Higher Base Prices than NLMK USA

Written by John Packard

ArcelorMittal USA came out with new flat rolled base prices shortly after those announced by NLMK USA. In an email to their customers, AM advised, “Effective immediately, the following minimum base prices are applicable to all future orders accepted by Arcelor Mittal USA LLC for delivery by December 31, 2013.”

The base prices presented were higher than those requested by NLMK in their letter to their customers. AM is asking for a minimum of $34.00/cwt base on hot rolled coil ($680 per ton) and $39.50/cwt base on cold rolled and coated (galvanized & Galvalume) or $790 per ton plus extras.

The AM price levels are $10 per ton higher than NLMK on hot rolled and $20 per ton higher on cold rolled and coated.

ArcelorMittal did not provide any details as to why prices were being increased at this point in time.

As with NLMK, we have created a timeline for ArcelorMittal price increases below.

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