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President Obama visits ArcelorMittal Cleveland

Written by John Packard

Cleveland, 14th November – The President of the United States today visited ArcelorMittal’s Cleveland facilities, where he met employees at the hot dip galvanising line and gave a speech on the economy.  

The President was welcomed to the plant by Lakshmi Mittal, Chairman and CEO.  Speaking before the President, Mr Mittal said:

“It’s a great honour for all of us at ArcelorMittal Cleveland to welcome President Obama here today. We’ve been making steel in Cleveland for one hundred years. This year alone, we’ve invested 70 million dollars here in Cleveland.  And this investment supported the creation of 150 new jobs.  The link between Cleveland’s success and our investment in Advanced High Strength Steel has been very important to our success. In the coming years we will help our automotive customers meet the demanding fuel-efficiency standards that will be required in the run up to 2025.”
He also spoke about the importance of manufacturing to the US economy.

“The President’s visit here today confirms the continuing importance of the manufacturing sector to the US economy.  Over the past few years manufacturing has grown stronger than GDP.  We see the signs of resurgence all around us, with companies re-shoring manufacturing jobs back to the US. The resurgence of US manufacturing has been underpinned by huge changes in the energy market, thanks to increased provision of natural gas from shale At ArcelorMittal, we are committed to our manufacturing presence in the United States and of course here in Cleveland.”
Mr Mittal then handed over to Tom Scott, who has worked for ArcelorMittal Cleveland for 40 years as a crane operator, who had the honour of introducing the President.  (ArcelorMittal Press Release)

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