Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

It was a crazy day as all of the government data was not released until 5 PM ET or later – and there was a lot of it. Perhaps the most interesting is the US Department of Commerce “preliminary dumping margins” on oil country tubular goods. Maybe I should restate that – the most interesting part of the OCTG ruling is that the largest exporting country by far – South Korea – did not receive any dumping margins.  A number of other countries named in the original complaint received a very minor slap on the hands.

As I sit here in my office at 8 PM on Tuesday evening and review the countries involved and the amount of OCTG they were sending into the United States I have to wonder what will come out of all of this. My understanding is the expense to file these kinds of suits can run well over $1 million. Was it worth it?

The two countries which were hit the hardest were Thailand (118.32 percent) and Vietnam (111.47 percent).

According to the US DOC release in 2013 the countries referenced in the suit had the following import values for OCTG: India = $174.4 million (55.29 percent), South Korea = $818 million (no dumping margins found), the Philippines = $54.5 million (8.9 percent margins), Saudia Arabia = $71.5 million (2.92 percent), Taiwan = $79.5 million (2.65 percent), Thailand = $37 million (118.32 percent), Turkey = $107.5 million (4.87 percent), Ukraine = $87.3 million (5.31 percent ) and Vietnam = $110.2 million (111.47 percent).

Added together, the countries with some form of penalty shipped a total of $721.9 million compared to South Korea’s $818 million.

We will have more analysis on the OCTG decision from others within the industry in coming issues of SMU.

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John Packard, Publisher

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