Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

Happy Easter to everyone! Normally Steel Market Update would not publish on Easter Sunday due to it being a holiday in the United States. However, we have so much information to share with our readers I decided not to let it wait and to publish.

If domestic flat rolled steel prices continue to rise there will be a growing swell of steel buyers heading to foreign shores to acquire their products. We shared the data we collected during the survey process with our Premium members last Friday regarding how the percentages of those considering buying steel have grown in recent weeks. We also shared data regarding the spread between world import export pricing and our domestic average – and we have to remember that our SMU Price Momentum Indicator continues to point toward higher domestic pricing which, if accurate, will increase the spread between foreign and domestic. We will have more on this subject in upcoming issues of Steel Market Update.

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John Packard, Publisher


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