Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

By the time this newsletter is published I will be in New York City which by Monday afternoon will be crawling with steel and related industry people. There are a number of conferences, meetings and dinners surrounding the Steel Success Strategies conference which will be held during the first few days of this week. I will not be attending the actual SSS conference but will be at the Platts NY Steel Forum on Monday afternoon as well as the Bank of America dinner that evening. On Tuesday I will be attending the AMM awards dinner as one of our instructors, Andre Marshall of Crunchrisk has been nominated for an award.

I am staying close to the Sheraton where Steel Success Strategies is being held. If you would like to speak with me during the conference I can be reached by email:, text or cell phone: 770-596-6268.

We understand that we may have already sold out of our block of rooms at the Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway Hotel. The hotel we are using for our Steel Summit Conference. We are working on adding more rooms to the block which should be done by Monday afternoon. Conference registration is open on our website or you can contact our office: 800-432-3475.

Invitations for our mid-June flat rolled steel analysis will be sent our first thing on Monday morning. Premium members can find the survey results under the analysis tab on our website. We should have the new Power Point presentation on the website sometime on Friday of this week. We published a short Premium Level newsletter supplement issue on Friday with our currency and scrap analysis. If you have not seen the issue you can find the complete issue under the Newsletter tab (Premium Archives). You must be logged in to the website in order to see the Premium Archive tab.

According to our iron ore trader in Asia, actual iron ore transaction prices are within $8 per dry metric ton of $80/dmt. I believe The Steel Index has 62% Fe around $90/dmt on Friday which is a new 52-week low.

As always your business is truly appreciated.

John Packard, Publisher

See you in Atlanta on September 3 & 4, 2014?

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