Steel Mills

Goodbye to Sparrows Point Blast Furnace

Written by Sandy Williams

The 32-story L blast furnace at Sparrows Point was reduced to rubble on Wednesday, Jan. 28. The steel mill site, once operated under Bethlehem Steel and then RG Steel, has been cleared to make way for new industrial businesses at Sparrows Point Terminal.

At 1:15 pm a series of 12 explosives were set off, toppling the furnace structure that had been cleared out and shored up with temporary support beams in preparation for the final demolition.

The exact timing of the implosion was kept secret until a few hours before to keep curious onlookers to a minimum.

Despite multiple charges, the explosion sounded as one boom that could heard across the river in Pasadena, Md. All went as planned according to Controlled Demolition Inc. which handled the demolition of the iconic steel mill.

To see a terrific video of the implosion, click here for an article posted by the Baltimore Sun.

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