Dan DiMicco Book: American Made

Written by Sandy Williams

Dan DiMicco continues to make economic and political waves with his newest book, American Made: Why Making Things Will Return Us to Greatness.

In his book, the outspoken former Nucor CEO and chairman tells how restoring American manufacturing to greatness will make America strong.

Publisher St. Martin’s Press, says that DiMicco, with his usual blunt manner, “takes to task the politicians, academics, and political pundits who, he contends, are exacerbating fears and avoiding simple solutions for the sake of nothing more than their own careers.”

DiMicco also “tackles the false promise of green jobs and the hidden costs of outsourcing.”

Kirkus Reviews calls it “Common-sensical—perhaps too much so for policymakers to stomach—and plainspoken. Free trade absolutists and corporate apologists will hate it, but as for the rest, it’s worthy of much discussion.”

American Made is scheduled for release on March 3.

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