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SMU Publisher to Travel on Ore Carrier M/V James R. Barker

Written by John Packard

At the end of July, Steel Market Update founder and publisher, John Packard, will travel from Two Harbors, Minnesota to Indiana Harbor, Indiana on the M/V James R Barker. The James R Barker is an iron ore supply ship owned by Interlake Steamship Company. The 1004 foot long vessel will carry approximately 63,000 tons of iron ore pellets from the mines in Minnesota to the mill at Indiana Harbor.

The purpose of the trip is to get a first hand experience as to how iron ore transits the Great Lakes to feed the fully integrated steel mills located in the Northern Indiana/Chicago/Detroit to Cleveland area.

John will be reporting from aboard the ship during the three day transit time. He will be sending out Tweets (@SMUsteel), Facebook and LinkedIn (Steel Market Update group) messages as well as blog posts from the Steel Market Update website. SMU will also have articles on the adventure in each newsletter published at the end of July.

Follow Steel Market Update to learn more about the vessel, the mine where the pellets are coming from, what it is like to transit Lake Superior and Lake Michigan on a 1004 foot vessel, how the ore is loaded and unloaded and more. More details coming soon!

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