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USW Vows to Continue to Negotiate with ArcelorMittal and Not Strike

Written by Sandy Williams

The USW issued an update Friday regarding ArcelorMittal/USW negotiations. At this time the USW negotiating committee intends to remain at the bargaining table rather than seeking strike authorization from the membership.

The update reads as follows:

Our committee continued to meet both internally and with ArcelorMittal management this week in Pittsburgh. Although we are far apart on a variety of economic and non-economic issues, we are encouraged by the overall direction of our most recent discussions.

With our Sept. 1 contract expiration approaching, our committee has chosen to remain at the table and continue to negotiate rather than return to our plants to seek strike authorization from the membership. As long as we are engaged with management, we ask all USW members to continue reporting for work as scheduled.

Please remember that above all, we must stay focused on working safely and watching out for the safety of our coworkers. Especially as we near contract expiration, please review and adhere to the safety procedures established in your area and speak up if you have concerns.

USW solidarity rallies are scheduled for Sept. 1 at US Steel, ArcelorMittal and ATI headquarters.

The USW has received messages of support from around the world including Los Mineros at ArcelorMittal Mexico and Workers Uniting in the United Kingdom.

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