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US Steel Workers Offer to Work Under Old Contract During Negotiations

Written by Sandy Williams

The United Steel Workers said it would prefer to continue contract negotiations rather than seek a strike authorization from the membership. On Monday, June 1, the day before contract expiration, the USW offered to continue working under the previous contract while continuing negotiations with US Steel.

US Steel responded that it remained committed to operating “without disruption” during the contract negotiations and appreciated the union’s “commitment to extend the contract negotiations.”

So for now, workers will continue to show up for regular work schedules at US Steel facilities. The USW says that both US Steel and ArcelorMittal continue to seek too many concessions.

Solidarity rallies were held at ArcelorMittal and US Steel headquarters today (Sept 1).  A crowd of 3,000 marched to the headquarters of ATI and US Steel in Pittsburgh and a similar number gathered at ArcelorMittal offices in Chicago and Burns Harbor, Ind.

USW International vice president Tom Conway, who leads USW negotiations with US Steel and ATI, said that the current fight isn’t just about good jobs in the steel industry, but about good wages and benefits for all American workers.

“America is sick of watching bosses saying that they lost money and then paying themselves millions of dollars more,” said Conway.  Conway said the lock out of workers at ATI “is one of the most shameful thigs we’ve seen in a long time.”


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