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Breaking News: UAW AND FCA Reach a Tentative Agreement

Written by Sandy Williams

UAW President Dennis Williams and FCA US LLC CEO Sergio Marchionne held a news conference Tuesday evening at the UAW-Chrysler NTC Building in Detroit to announce that they have reached a tentative agreement.

No details of the agreement were given but Williams and Marchionne alluded to doing away with the two-tier system over time and inclusion of the co-op health care proposal by the UAW. Williams said all three companies were interested in the idea of a co-op to contain health costs.

Williams said, “I believe that the TA is balanced and keeps us in a competitive place.”

Williams said that it is a contract than can be patterned but said “It does not have to be identical.” He noted that automakers have different financial health and have different ways of operating.

The 4-year tentative agreement will be reviewed tomorrow by the UAW executive board. Local union leaders will then present it for discussion and to the membership for ratification. The process will take at least into next week. In the meantime, negotiations are continuing with Ford and GM.

“I look forward to the next four years of great production,” said Marchionne.

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