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UAW/FCA Reach New Agreement Avoiding Strike

Written by Sandy Williams

The UAW and FCA have reached a new tentative agreement, avoiding a strike deadline by minutes. The UAW notified members at 11:41 pm Wednesday evening, saying “significant gains” were secured in the new agreement.

“We heard from our members, and went back to FCA to strengthen their contract,” said UAW President Dennis Williams. “We’ve reached a proposed Tentative Agreement that I believe addresses our members’ principal concerns about their jobs and their futures. We have made real gains and I look forward to a full discussion of the terms with our membership.”

“FCA US confirms that it has reached a new tentative agreement with the UAW,” the company said in a statement. “Because the agreement is subject to UAW member ratification, the company cannot discuss the specifics of the agreement pending a vote by UAW members.”

The UAW Chrysler Council, made of local union leaders, will meet Friday at 11 am to discuss and vote on the agreement. If approved, details of the agreement will be released immediately to the membership and the ratification voting will begin.

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