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NLRB Reviewing Unfair Labor Charges Against ATI

Written by Sandy Williams

The USW has filed 18 unfair labor practices against Allegheny Technologies with the National Labor Relations Board.

The first set of charges was filed in September in NLRB Region 6, Pittsburgh. Additional charges have been filed with the NLRB in Cleveland, OH, Hartford, CT, and Portland, OR.

“These charges cover numerous topics involving ATI’s conduct both at the bargaining table, including its bad faith bargaining positions, and away from the table, including actions that ATI took before the lock out began and its conduct directed at our picketing members since the start of the lockout,” said the USW in an update to members on Monday.

The USW claims ATI is using the lockout of workers, which has been in effect since August 15, to “support its unlawful bargaining position.”

The NLRB will review the charges against ATI and decide whether to issue a complaint that allows the case to move forward.

“Whether the case goes forward is in the NLRB’s hands,” the union said in a statement. “That’s why our lawyers and committee people have spent so much time exhaustively presenting evidence and legal argument. While this may seem like a slow process, the union knows from experience in many other fights through the years that there is only one way to present a case – thoroughly and carefully.”

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