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USW Contract Negotiations Take Break During Holiday

Written by Sandy Williams

The USW and ArcelorMittal will take a break from contract talks over the Thanksgiving holiday and resume on November 29. The USW reminded the membership that the terms and conditions of the previous agreement remain in effect as negotiations continue.

Said the USW in a membership update, “As we have reported in previous updates and discussed at membership meetings during these negotiations, our committee so far has resisted ArcelorMittal management’s concessionary proposals, but we must continue to fend off the company’s unfair and unnecessary demand to dramatically increase the premiums for retirees and their demands for premiums from active Steelworkers and reduced coverages.

“It is especially frustrating because our proposals on these and other issues would save the company tens of millions in short-term expenses and long-term liabilities without negatively impacting or disrupting our lives or our standards of living.”

USW and US Steel negotiations are also on break. In its last update to US Steel workers, the USW noted that the main issues continue to be health care benefits, contract provisions on overtime, contracting out, transfers, SUB pay, severance and other issues; and control over health and safety representatives.

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