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Ford and GM Contracts Ratified

Written by Sandy Williams

The UAW announced on Friday the ratification of new four-year agreements with both GM and Ford.

The GM contract ratification was on hold after the skilled trade membership voted against the tentative agreement despite an overall majority vote for the agreement. Discussions with GM regarding concerns of the skilled trades membership resulted in changes that protect core trades classifications and seniority rights. The UAW’s International Executive Board concluded that the skilled trade concerns were satisfactorily met and notified General Motors of the formal ratification of the agreement.

Voting on the Ford agreement took place last week and concluded late Friday evening. The final vote was approval by a 51.4 percent majority. Production workers voted 51.3 percent in favor and skilled trades, 52.4 percent in favor. The salaried worker agreement was passed with a 91.5 percent majority vote.

UAW President Dennis Williams stated: “Our UAW members have ratified the national agreement after a long process and much debate. The voice of the majority has secured a strong future that will provide job security and economic stability for themselves and their families.”

“There is no higher authority than the membership. Through a fair and democratic process UAW-Ford members have delivered job security and strong economic gains for their families and communities,” said UAW Ford Vice President Jimmy Settles.

The two ratifications on Friday conclude collective bargaining for the Detroit Big Three. The UAW-FCA agreement was ratified on October 22, three weeks after an initial tentative agreement was rejected.

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