Union Partners Buys Lamination Specialties

Written by Tim Triplett

Union Partners has acquired Lamination Specialties Corp., a manufacturer of electrical steel laminations with three Chicago-area locations. The company also operates a full-service electrical steel service center. It anticipates no disruption of services as it transitions to new ownership.

Lamination Specialties is the latest to join the Union Partners family, which includes Mapes & Sprowl, Cortran, Lee Steel, Berg Steel, Chicago Steel, JIT Steel Service, JIT Steel Transport and Opus Metals. Union Partners also supplies the electrical steel and lamination markets through Mapes & Sprowl and Cortran.

The acquisition of Lamination Specialties includes 300,000 square feet of prime manufacturing space with modern facilities, including over 40 high-speed stamping presses; four continuous roller-hearth annealing furnaces; precision slitting, cut-to-length and blanking equipment; and value-added offerings, including MITRE cores, distributed gap (DG) cores, and robotic welding capabilities.

Lamination Specialties supplies high-quality electrical steel laminations for a variety of applications in hundreds of shapes and sizes, as well as processed silicon electrical steel and cold rolled low carbon electrical steel. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Lamination Specialties claims a large, diversified customer base across a variety of industries, including transformers, electric vehicles, motors, high-efficiency systems, robotics and automation, according to Union Partners co-founders Chris Hutter and Paul Douglass.

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