Metals Industry Dinner Supports Scouting Programs Like Welding Works

Written by Tim Triplett

There’s a distinctive noise of metal on metal floating through the halls of Oak Forest High School, and it’s music to the ears of Daniel Brown, the school’s industrial technology teacher. Brown has been supervising the Welding Works Explorer post in the Chicago suburb since fall 2016. He has been teaching welding for 17 years and is now using his skills to introduce Scouts to his trade.

The Exploring program is an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America and was created to teach important skills to youth ages 10-20 through immersive career experiences. Exploring is based on a unique partnership between youth and local businesses and community organizations. Explorer posts match resources to the career interests of young people in the area. The result is a series of interactive activities that help youth pursue their special interests and develop special skills.

“I enjoy helping run the class and working with the kids,” said Brown. “I’m also learning more myself.”

The post is limited to 18 students who meet once a week, which allows for an intimate and hands-on learning experience. Besides practicing the basics of welding, participants have used their skills to build tables for the program and, most notably, have repaired over 100 desks for a local school district.

Brown says there are a handful of students in each class who are pursuing welding as a career. Five students from the program have achieved those dreams by joining a local union or finding employment in manufacturing.  

Due to the success of this program, the Pathway to Adventure Council will add another post at Triton College this year.

The Boy Scouts of America Pathway to Adventure Council will host its annual Metals Industry Dinner on Thursday, May 10, at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. Hundreds of steel industry executives attend the event every year to support Scouting and specialized programming like the Welding Works Explorer post. Donations to the Chicago-area council benefit over 21,500 youth who participate in the various Scouting programs. For more information or to register, visit Pathway to Adventure.

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