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NLMK Farrell Plant Hot Strip Mill Down

Written by John Packard

The hot strip mill at NLMK’s Farrell, Pa., facility will be down for the next seven to 10 days. SMU spoke with James Banker, Jr., who said that a component failure in a motor is taking the mill down for unplanned maintenance. The number of tons of production that will be lost is not significant. “Not a lot of tons will be affected,” said Banker, who added that the biggest area of concern is for hot rolled coils promised to be out of the mill over the next seven to 10 days.

hot coilThe HSM was not running at full capacity, so when it returns to service NLMK will be able to add turns. Banker expects the mill to be fully caught up by the middle of June.

NLMK informed affected customers by phone over the course of the day.

When asked about slab flows out of their Russian parent company, Banker advised they continue to be 100 percent supported and the flow of slabs continues.

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