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ArcelorMittal Promotes Holistic Approach to Steel Construction

Written by Sandy Williams

ArcelorMittal claims a new approach to construction that will create a more sustainable life-cycle for buildings. The company has launched Steligence®, a concept that looks at buildings as holistic entities where all aspects of the design are considered in an integrated way, as part of the whole. The concept requires improved dialogue between architects and engineers for a cooperative approach to construction.

Using steel and modular steel components can generate efficiency gains in the design, construction, and configurability of buildings compared to traditional construction methods. Additionally, because steel is infinitely recyclable, architects can consider during the early planning phase the life-cycle, recyclability and, ultimately, reusability of a building and its components.

Advances in steel strength and weight provide benefits not found in traditional building systems and materials. These include:

  • More stories within a given height.
  • Less deep and less costly foundations due to lower weight of steel buildings.
  • Longer uninterrupted spans between columns for improved flexibility in interior floor layout.
  • Easier and quicker assembly for significant efficiencies and cost savings for the construction sector.

Although steel recyclability potential is superior to that of alternative materials, it still incurs energy costs to melt and reform steel into new products. The use of modular steel components allows reuse rather than recycling at the end of a building’s life. This “reuse” possibility gives steel a huge advantage over traditional building materials, especially as regulations become stronger regarding building sustainability.

Speaking at a launch event in London, Greg Ludkovsky, ArcelorMittal’s global head of research and development, said: “As climate, energy and resource scarcity intensifies, win-win solutions like Steligence® become imperative for business and society at large. Buildings play a huge part in all our lives, so creating a construction concept that improves their social, economic and environmental impact while dramatically enhancing their functionality and aesthetics has been a huge but important challenge.”

“Steligence® is the culmination of several years’ intensive scientific, independent peer reviewed research to develop specific-use steel for the construction industry. By combining this R&D with extensive consultation of leading players in the construction industry, we have landed on a radical new approach to construction, which is underpinned by a clear philosophy: to build a sustainable business around a sustainable construction industry that delivers for future generations.”

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