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Company Statements Regarding USW Contract Negotiations

Written by Sandy Williams

Collective bargaining agreements for USW members at U.S. Steel and ArcelorMittal expired on Sept. 1. Workers at both companies will continue under an extended contract agreement while negotiations proceed.

ArcelorMittal posted the following statement on their website:

“ArcelorMittal appreciates the United Steelworkers’ willingness to continue working under current contracts while negotiations proceed. We believe this demonstrates both parties’ commitment to negotiating in good faith to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement. Due to the confidential nature of negotiations, we are not at liberty to discuss topics being negotiated.”

Meetings by United Steelworkers at U.S. Steel will be held today through Friday to vote on a strike authorization. USW officials stressed that they will continue to work towards a deal before taking any strike action. 

“We will also continue to try to bring the company to their senses, but that authorization is necessary to bring them into the real world,” said the USW in a Sept. 1 update.

U.S. Steel said in a statement, “Over the weekend, U. S. Steel and the United Steelworkers agreed to an ongoing extension of the collective bargaining agreements that were scheduled to expire at 11:59 p.m. Sept 1. We do not anticipate a strike. Our plants continue to operate in a safe and orderly fashion. Talks are ongoing, and we continue to work diligently to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion.”

“Steelworkers have made sacrifices over the past several years that have allowed both companies to be very profitable,” said USW International President Leo W. Gerard. “All we are asking for are fair contracts that recognize those sacrifices and allow workers to have a share of that success.”

Labor negotiations at Cleveland Cliffs begin this week. The current contract for workers at Cliffs will expire at midnight October 1. 

“Cliffs and the USW have successfully negotiated equitable agreements for decades, and we share several common goals,” commented spokeswoman Patricia Persico in an email to SMU. “Our relationships at both the local and national levels are respectful and based on these common goals. We look forward to begin discussions this week and plan to bargain in good faith with the goal to reach an equitable agreement with the USW.”

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