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Trucking on Emergency Alert for Hurricane Relief

Written by Sandy Williams

Damage from Hurricane Michael will result in trucking delays in the Southeast, at least for the short-term. Emergency declarations are in effect for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Some regulations will be suspended for trucks assisting with emergency relief, including hours of service restrictions while providing assistance in the region. The declaration will be in effect for 30 days and will apply to transportation of supplies, equipment, fuel and people.

DAT advised that hurricanes affect freight movements in three stages:

  1. Before the storm, shippers move freight from the region. Outbound rates rise sharply in the area of expected landfall. Due to Hurricane Michael’s timing at the close of the quarter, rates were expected rise anyway, said DAT.
  2. During the storm, no truck shipping is underway.
  3. After the storm, emergency supplies are transported into the region causing a temporary spike in inbound rates. Van and reefer freight move into the affected area first, followed by flatbeds hauling construction equipment and materials.

Hurricane Michael, now a Category 1 storm, is continuing its way across Georgia and the East Coast and is expected to cause additional flooding.

Multiple Florida roads are closed in the wake of the hurricane, including nearly 80 miles of Interstate 10 west of Tallahassee. Numerous road closures have been reported in Georgia and the Carolinas as trees and flooding prevent safe passage of vehicles.


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