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UAW and FCA Reach Tentative Labor Agreement

Written by Sandy Williams

The United Auto Workers and Fiat Chrysler Automotive reached a tentative labor agreement over the holiday weekend. The four-year agreement includes $9 billion of investments by the company that will add 7,900 jobs during the contract period, said the UAW in a press statement. Other terms of the contract are confidential until members are informed.

According to Detroit News sources, the agreement includes a $9,000 ratification bonus, and no FCA plants will be closed.

“FCA has been a great American success story thanks to the hard work of our members. We have achieved substantial gains and job security provisions for the fastest growing auto company in the United States,” said UAW Acting President Rory Gamble. “During the previous four-year agreement, FCA added over 6,400 new UAW members.”

The UAW-FCA national council will meet on Dec. 4 to go over details of the agreement and, if adopted, will be presented to FCA hourly and salaried members for a ratification vote beginning Dec. 6.

The tentative agreement comes amidst scandals within the UAW, which saw its leadership resign over allegations of misuse of funds, and a racketeering lawsuit brought against FCA by General Motors.

Ratification of the contract by FCA union members will end the Detroit 3 auto contract negotiations until 2023.

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