Crowe Survey Gathers Data on Technology Trends

Written by Tim Triplett

With so many people working from home lately, technology is becoming even more important in their professional lives. Analysts at Crowe LLP are studying the technology trends to help metals companies develop strategies to take advantage of the latest developments, and they could use your help.

The 2019 Crowe Technology Survey revealed that most companies in the metals industry are seeking to expand their use of digital technology. More than 63 percent of last year’s respondents said technology is very important to their (business) strategy over the next 3-5 years. Over 70 percent said that business intelligence and reporting are major challenges for their company. In order to stay current, many companies are looking to move applications from on-premise to cloud-based versions. Others are considering the implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning as a way to improve efficiency.  

Crowe is gathering input again this year from those in the steel industry to help provide direction for technological development. Please click this link to take the Crowe Technology Survey and share your thoughts regarding the need for technology at your company. 

As part of the 10th Annual SMU Steel Summit, Crowe will unveil this year’s results during a workshop on Monday, Aug. 24, at the Marriott Gateway Hotel, titled Technology Strategies: How Metals Companies are Making Digital Transformation at Reality. Your participation is much appreciated.

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