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New Spooler Operating at Nucor Steel Sedalia

Written by Sandy Williams

A new Danieli spooler line is in operation at the Nucor Steel Sedalia minimill in Missouri. The spool will deliver twist-free compact and regularly shaped coils at up to 30 m/s. The high-efficiency and low-cost line is for the production of rebars and rounds in coils weighing up to five tons.

The spooler line consists of a four-pass Delta-type fast finishing block (which will extend the Nucor Steel Sedalia product range to rebar #3); five water-boxes for heat treatment; cropping and high-speed shears; two five-ton horizontal spooler machines; and a coil handling, strapping and collecting area.


The equipment installation was timed with the start-up of the MIDA ECR minimills in order to minimize plant downtime needed for its commissioning.

This is the first spooler line installed and in operation at a Nucor mill. Another spooler is currently being installed at Nucor Steel Florida and will be commissioned by the end of this year.

The two Nucor spoolers will bring Danieli’s installations in North America to five.

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