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Nucor Announces Higher Base Price for Plate

Written by Tim Triplett

Nucor’s Plate Group announced a new minimum base price yesterday “to provide an increased level of clarity and transparency to our plate product pricing.” The company added: “This price change reflects continued increases in input costs and changing market dynamics.”

Effective immediately, Nucor’s new minimum base price is $29.50/cwt ($590 per net ton), freight included. This price is for discrete/CTL plate, grade A36, up to 2” thick, in widths of 72”, 84”, 96”, or 120”. Any published extras will be applied to this base price as warranted.

This is the second announcement on plate from Nucor in the past three weeks. On Aug. 21, the steelmaker informed customers of a minimum base price for plate of $28.00/cwt or $560 per ton.

Steel Market Update’s latest check of the market puts the average plate price at $605 per ton ($30.25/cwt).

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