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Mills Schedule Maintenance in Q4

Written by Sandy Williams

U.S. steel mills have numerous maintenance outages planned between now and the end of the year. The list below was compiled from anecdotal reports from service centers, as mills usually don’t comment on such outages for competitive reasons. These outages are generally routine and short of duration. Individually, they are unlikely to have much impact on buyers. But, given the unusual market conditions resulting from the COVID pandemic, they may have some small cumulative effect on steel supplies, and thus perhaps on prices. With steel prices on the rise, buyers may want to take these temporary outages into consideration as they time their fourth-quarter purchases.

This list is not all inclusive. Anyone with additions or corrections, please email them to


Big River – Galvanized Line –14 days (moved up from October)
Nucor Decatur – HSM – 7 days planned
Nucor Decatur – Tandem Mill – 7 days planned
Nucor Columbus down 8 days
NLMK Pennsylvania reduced operation due to strike

SDI Butler – HSM – 4 days planned
Nucor Berkeley – Temper – 4 days planned
Nucor Berkeley – Tension – 4 days planned
Nucor Berkeley – HSM – 6 days planned

Nucor Hickman for 10 days
North Star – HSM – 7 days planned
SDI Columbus – HSM – 5 days planned
SDI Columbus – Galvanized – 4 days planned
SDI Butler 4 days
Nucor Crawfordsville – HSM – 7 days planned
Nucor Berkeley – Pickle & Reversing – 7 days planned
Nucor Berkeley – Other Reversing Line – 4 days planned
Nucor Berkeley – Galvanized – 3 days planned

NLMK Portage – HSM – 5 to 10 days planned
NLMK Pennsylvania – HSM – 7 days planned
U.S. Steel Gary – HSM – 7 to 9 days planned



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