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CMC Arizona Receives First Renewable Energy from Solar Array

Written by Sandy Williams

Commercial Metal Company’s micro mill in Mesa, Ariz., has begun receiving renewable energy from the Salt River Project solar electricity generation plant. The Saint Solar 100-megawatt utility-based solar array is located in Coolidge, Ariz., and will provide renewable energy to CMC Steel Arizona and others in the SRP community.

CMC Arizona, constructed in 2009, uses 98 percent recycled scrap as its raw materials. The CO2Scope1 greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption intensities are approximately eight times lower than the global steelmaking average, said CMC.

Commercial Metals intends to build its third micro mill, AZ2, adjacent to CMS Steel Arizona. It will be the first in the world to produce merchant bar quality (MBQ) products through a continuous-continuous production process. AZ2 will feature Danieli’s “Q-One” technology, which will allow CMC to have a direct connection between the EAF and Ladle Furnace to renewable energy sources. The technology reduces electricity transmission losses as compared to traditional methods and associated operating costs.

Tracy Porter, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, “Our participation in the Saint Solar project underscores our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint further through the use of renewable energy as well as producing steel from 100% recycled scrap metal and being an industry leader in the sustainable steelmaking process.”

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