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Northwest Pipe Wins Contract for Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project

Written by Tim Triplett

Northwest Pipe Co. has been selected to manufacture steel water transmission pipe for the Code Talkers Lateral Reaches 12.1 and 12.2 of the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project in northwestern New Mexico.

Once complete, the project will convey water from the San Juan River to the eastern section of the Navajo Nation, the southwestern portion of the Jicarilla Apache Nation and the City of Gallup, providing a sustainable water supply for 250,000 people with an annual delivery of over 37,700 acre-feet of water from the San Juan Basin.

Northwest Pipe will manufacture over 1,813 tons of 24-inch and 30-inch diameter engineered steel pipeline for the project. Some of the pipe will have epoxy lining with a paint coating while other segments will have cement mortar lining and polyurethane coating. The company is manufacturing the pipe at its San Luis Rio Colorado facility in Sonora, Mexico. The company also recently supplied pipeline for the project on Reaches 4C through 8.

“With many of our nation’s water resources being strained due to outdated pipeline structures or stress put on systems from growing populations, the importance of providing a safe, reliable water infrastructure is paramount for all communities,” said Scott Montross, president and CEO of Northwest Pipe. “We are pleased to be working again on this large water infrastructure project that will greatly improve the livability of this region.”

Northwest Pipe, headquartered in Vancouver, Wash., and has 13 manufacturing facilities across North America.

By Tim Triplett,

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