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White House Announces Buy Clean Initiative

Written by Becca Moczygemba

To stimulate the development of low-carbon, made-in-America materials, the Biden administration has announced new activities under the Federal Buy Clean Initiative.

The White HouseAn announcement made by the White House on Sept. 15 in Toledo, Ohio, noted that the Federal Government will prioritize the purchase of essential low-carbon construction materials, covering 98% of materials purchased by the Federal Government.

The statement said that the Cleveland-Cliffs direct reduction (DRI) plant in Toledo is an example of what clean manufacturing will look like in the coming years.

By producing low-carbon intermediary feedstock, which is utilized in the manufacturing of steel plate, the mill can provide material that can be purchased by the Federal Government and subsequently turned into various products such as electrical grid transformers, bridge decks, offshore wind platforms, train tracks, and naval submarines.

In a press release from the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), Kevin Dempsey, AISI president and CEO, praised the Biden administration on its recognition of the importance of the American steel industry and its decarbonization efforts.

“We are pleased that the administration continues to recognize that the American steel industry is leading the way on decarbonization, as reflected in today’s announcement to prioritize the government’s purchase of lower-emissions construction materials for federally-funded projects,” said Dempsey.

He said that of the major steel-producing countries, the US has the lowest CO₂ emissions per ton of steel produced.

“Our entire industry continues to make key investments to further decrease carbon emissions and advance our leadership position on sustainability,” he added. “Today’s announcement recognizes the innovations and advancements being made by American steel producers, and we look forward to working with the government agencies to continue to incentivize the use of clean American-made steel as this initiative is implemented.”

The Federal Buy Clean Initiative and the Buy Clean Task Force are part of the Federal Sustainability Plan, which is meant to prioritize the purchase and use of American-made, low-carbon materials, while creating jobs for American workers. More information on the plan can be found here.

By Becca Moczygemba, Becca@SteelMarketUpdate.com

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