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ResponsibleSteel Launches International GHG Emissions Standards

Written by Laura Miller

A group of European steel companies and nongovernmental agencies, members of the Austrian non-profit organization ResponsibleSteel, have come together to create international standards for greenhouse gas emissions as the industry works to decarbonize across the supply chain.

The ResponsibleSteel International Standard V2.0 will allow steel companies to clearly show how they are driving down GHG emissions, as well as the impacts of their mining, water use, labor rights, air pollution, and diversity.

ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel, US Steel, thyssenkrupp, POSCO, BlueScope, and voestalpine are among the companies that have adopted the standard.

The ResponsibleSteel members “worked together to produce a breakthrough standard. This means we now have a workable standard to certify steel products which meet the highest possible sustainability metrics,” said Gerry Tidd, chairman of ResponsibleSteel’s Board of Directors.

“The Standard sets a new high-water mark for steelmakers, their supply chain, and customers who want to address essential issues like biodiversity, GHG emissions, labour rights, water, and waste,” Tidd added.

“The Standard enables anyone that’s either buying or making steel to demonstrate they are not only driving down emissions but also thinking responsibly about impacts on people and nature right across the value chain,” commented ResponsibleSteel CEO Annie Heaton.

By Laura Miller, Laura@SteelMarketUpdate.com

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