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ArcelorMittal Partners Up to Pursue Carbon Capture Technology

Written by Becca Moczygemba

Steelmaker ArcelorMittal has announced a formal agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering (MHIENG), BHP, and Mitsubishi Development Pty Ltd. to develop carbon capture technology.

ArcelorMittalThe companies will collaborate on the development of MHIENG’s carbon capture technology and conduct a feasibility and design study prior to implementation, according to a press release posted earlier this month.

ArcelorMittal will conduct one trial at its mill in Ghent, Belgium, and another at an undisclosed site in North America. While ArcelorMittal will provide the facilities for the trial, MHIENG is supplying proprietary technology and engineering studies. BHP and Mitsubishi Development are slated to administer the funding.

The steel industry accounts for approximately 7-9% percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The International Energy Agency says that steelmakers should increase use of carbon capture technology if they are to obtain net zero emissions.

“There is currently no certain or single pathway to net zero for steelmaking. (Carbon capture) is one of the key abatement technologies with potential to support development of some of those pathways, so working with industry leaders like ArcelorMittal, Mitsubishi Development and MHIENG, we hope to arrive at scalable solutions more quickly to help reduce carbon emissions in steelmaking,” said Vandita Pant, chief commercial officer of BHP.

The Ghent trial will operate in two phases and is expected to run for multiple years.

By Becca Moczygemba,


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