Voters Want Tougher Trade Laws, More Factories in US: AAM Poll

A poll commissioned by the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) shows the vast majority of American voters support strong trade remedies and bringing manufacturing back to the US.

newsThe poll found nearly nine-in-10 voters (87%) agree the federal government should crack down on unfair trade, and four-in-five voters (82%) think the federal government should offer manufacturers incentives to relocate their factories to the US, AAM said in a press release on Tuesday. 

The group added that the poll, conducted by Morning Consult, found 78% of voters say the federal government should be required to buy American with its own purchases.

However, AAM noted that of those polled only approximately one-third of voters have seen, read or heard about new factories coming to their community (30%) and to the US (36%).

AAM president Scott Paul commented that US voters have made it clear the federal government must do more to bring valuable domestic manufacturing jobs.

“Over the past two years, the US has taken serious steps towards bolstering American competitiveness through investment in domestic manufacturing, but the impacts haven’t yet hit home with communities nationwide,” he said in the release.

Washington D.C.-based AAM is a non-profit, non-partisan partnership formed in 2007 by some of America’s leading manufacturers and the United Steelworkers with a mission to strengthen American manufacturing and create new private-sector jobs through smart public policies.

By Ethan Bernard,

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