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Community Chat: Pappalardo and Pappas to talk M&A, lending, and steel on July 10

Written by Michael Cowden

Veteran investment bankers Vince Pappalardo and Andy Pappas will be the featured guests on the next SMU Community Chat on Wednesday, July 10, at 11 am ET (10 am CT).

The live webinar is free to attend for all who register. A recording will be available only to SMU members. You can register here.

What we’ll discuss

We’ll talk about how to craft an artful deal, whether that means selling your business or buying another. In addition to M&A, we’ll also talk about lending, finance, and how to prepare your business for whatever lies ahead.

And, of course, we’ll take your questions too, so think of some good ones and throw them in the Q&A.

Why you should listen

Pappalardo is managing director and principal at Brown Gibbons Lang & Co. He leads the company’s metals and advanced metals manufacturing group. He has more than 25 years of investment banking experience and has advised on both domestic and cross-border M&A.

Pappas is a managing director at BMO Financial Group. He heads up the Metals Lending practice within the BMO US asset based lending (ABL) Group. His specialty is finding corporate finance solutions for steel and metals companies across the US.

If you’ve seen Pappalardo and Pappas on stage before, you know they take these niche subjects and make them engaging and fun. Think “Car Talk” – but about steel and money instead!

SMU Steel Summit

Pappalardo and Pappas will also bring their show live to SMU Steel Summit on Aug. 26-28 at the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) in Atlanta. You can find the full agenda for Summit here.

Michael Cowden

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