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Steel Market Update's Trial membership gives you a three week trial of our Premium membership which includes full and unlimited access to our website as well as our Executive and Premium newsletter emails. The Executive newsletter is produced three times per week with information on current pricing, important market trends, news and analysis.  We also publish a Premium supplementary newsletter 3-5 times per month that you will also receive.

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Who is the target audience?

The Executive newsletters and membership are designed for professionals that are engaged in the steel business and need consistent up to date market analysis and pricing data.  The Premium supplement and website content are for those who are seeking more market analysis and data evaluation such as the CEO of a company.

Can I view other membership levels & newsletters with a Free Trial?

If you would like to preview just our Executive membership, we can arrange access for you during your Free Trial period (but only if you contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 1 800-432-3475).  Sign up for a Free Trial today and experience the benefits of SMU.  

See the table below for a full list of Steel Market Update membership benefits.

SMU Membership Levels
Price $1,195 Per Year $2,095 Per Year
Free Trial Subscribe
Executive Newsletter 3 Times Per Week
Supplemental Premium Newsletters 3-5 Times Per Month
Website & Blog
Members Only Website Access Limited
Members Only Blog Access
Discounts on all SMU Conferences and Workshops
Steel Prices    
Hot Rolled Steel Price Indices
Cold Rolled Steel Price Indices
Galvanized Steel Price Indices
Galvalume Steel Price Indices
Plate Steel Price Indices
Interactive Pricing Tool
Steel Price Estimator
Steel Pricing Momentum
Comparison of Price Indices
Iron Ore Prices
Shredded Scrap Prices
Busheling Scrap Prices
Heavy Melt Scrap Prices
World vs Domestic Hot Rolled Prices
Hot Rolled Futures Prices
Busheling Scrap Futures Prices
Economic Data    
AHRI Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data
AIA Billings and Inquiries Index
Chinese Steel Trade Data
Chicago Business Barometer
Dodge Momentum Index
Durable Goods
Empire State Manufacturing Index
Housing Starts/Permits/Sales
Institute for Supply Management Index
Monthly Review
North American Rig Counts
US Steel Production
World Steel Production
Service Center Shipments/Receipts Forecast
Apparent Service Center Inventory Excess/Deficit
Steel Mill Furnace Status
Steel Buyers Basics
The Truth About Selling Steel
Ethics & Your Business
US Trade Case Review
All Other Website Tools & Resources
Import/Export Data
US Steel Imports
US Steel Exports
US Apparent Steel Supply
US Ferrous Scrap Exports
Imports by Product, Port, & Country
Survey Data    
SMU Steel Buyers Sentiment Index
SMU Steel Buyers Future Sentiment Index
Mill Negotiations
Mill Lead Times
Overall Market Demand
Service Center Inventory Levels
Inventory Buying Patterns
Service Center Inventory Release Trends
Manufacturer Purchasing History
Full SMU Market Survey Results
SMU Market Survey Result Archives
Key Steel Market Indicators Overview Table
Automotive Production
Chicago Fed Index
Chicago Fed Mid-West Index
China Economic Statistics
Consumer Confidence
Currency Update
Durable Goods Analysis
Global Scrap Trade Analysis
Housing Data Analysis
Industrial Production
ISM Index Analysis
US Service Center Analysis
Canadian Service Center Analysis


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