SMU Community Chat with Bernard Swiecki of Center for Automotive Research (CAR)

Guests: Bernard Swiecki

Steel Market Update is pleased to announce that Bernard Swiecki of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) will be the featured speaker for our next SMU Community Chat Webinar on Wednesday, July 28, at 11 a.m. ET.

Swiecki serves as director of research at CAR as well as director of the Automotive Communities Partnership (ACP). 

He will speak about the electrification of the automotive industry, which is proceeding faster than predicted – and with no signs of slowing down. This rapid transformation will bring major disruption not only to automakers but also to suppliers of everything from basic parts to materials. Swiecki’s presentation will address the speed and impacts of this transformation.

Swiecki is an expert on the subject, managing research projects on technology and on the structure of the automotive industry. He also handles CAR’s analysis of vehicle markets and production data. Swiecki has in addition led trade missions to China, Italy, India and Russia.

The 45-minute webinar will be free and open to all who register.

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