SMU Community Chat with Mike Del Giudice of Crowe

Guests: Mike Del Giudice

SMU’s next Community Chat webinar will feature Mike Del Giudice, a principal with the Crowe consulting group. Del Giudice will share his expertise in cybersecurity. The free webinar begins at 11 a.m. ET (10 a.m. CT) on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Why should you care about cyber? Because ransomware is one of the greatest threats organizations face today. And steel companies are hardly immune to that threat – as several high-profile attacks have already shown.

Attacks can cripple a company’s operations and lead to significant financial losses. In practical terms, that can mean anything from rebuilding websites to shifting to manual operations. In extreme cases, production facilities have been shut down and employees laid off.

The best-prepared organizations can detect suspicious activity, respond when a threat is identified and reduce the risk of a successful attack.

Del Giudice will talk about how your company can construct digital defenses so that you’re prepared if an attack happens – and so you’re less likely to be the next company in the headlines.

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By Michael Cowden,