SMU Community Chat with Timna Tanners of Wolfe Research

Guests: Timna Tanners

SMU is pleased to announce that Wolfe Research Managing Director Timna Tanners will be the featured speaker on our first Community Chat webinar of 2022.

We’ll discuss the big issues – the great debates – that will drive steel markets next year:

• Will we see continued solid demand in 2022 or a “great unwind”?

• Will mills maintain “discipline” next year, or will a “sheet storm” hit as they break ranks and fight for business?

• As new EAF capacity comes online, will there be enough scrap to go around – or will “Scrapmageddon” come?

• Also, does China still drive the bus when it comes to commodity price trends? And, if it does, what does that mean for North American prices if Chinese steel demand slows?

We’ll of course take your questions too.

As always, we’ll keep it to about 45 minutes. You can (virtually) drop in, learn something – and then get on with your day. And the webinar is free.

PS – If you’d like to see past Community Chat webinars, you can find those here.

By Michael Cowden,