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Final Thoughts

Written by John Packard

A short review of where we are in the process of launching of our new SMU website and newsletters. Over the past two weeks we have actually been doing twice the normal work as we produce both our existing newsletter which comes out of our existing website, and then the new “Executive” level newsletter which we then test on the new website. The process is at times slow and very tedious as we find issues needing to be resolved before we can take the next step. We are close to having the bugs worked out of the newsletter system and we are now beginning to test the subscription systems.

At the same time, we are developing new pages/content which is being added to the new website. This is also a tricky process as the new website will have multiple layers of access depending on whether you are a new visitor to the site, a free trial member, Monthly member only, Executive level (which is the existing newsletter) or Premium member. As we develop each page we make a determination as to what level of membership (or the public) will have access to that piece of information.

Built into the site is our sales and marketing systems, media systems, new survey software, interactive graphing tool, our new Price Estimator (phase 2), new blog and much more.  Most of this is new to us so we have to learn how to use the tools – while at the same time producing our newsletter and conducting our Steel 101 and Managing Price Risk workshops.

We are close to being able to set a final timetable for when we will officially launch the new website and bring up the new look of our newsletter(s). We still have a lot of testing to do so we slide into early September before we are comfortable enough to know we can launch what I have been calling “the Beast” for a number of months now.

Because of the timing of the new website, SMU will not conduct our Steel Summit Conference which was normally held around the 1st of October in conjunction with Metalcon. We will return with a special Steel Summit and Forecasting Conference next year to be held in late August/early September time frame.

As I have mentioned on previous occasions our Steel 101 workshop is over-sold at this stage and I want to thank Nucor again for working with Steel Market Update to accommodate the large number of companies and individuals who wanted to travel to Blytheville, Arkansas to participate in this workshop.

Our SMU steel market survey is about to enter its third day having begun on Monday morning. If you received an invitation please take a moment to click on the link and provide us your opinions and insights into how you see the market progressing. At the same time, Ryan is contacting all of those who are on our invitee list in order to make sure we are capturing information from the right people and culling our list of those who do not wish to participate.

As always we want to take a moment to thank our members and those around the steel community who have been supportive enough to speak highly of our company and products to others within the community. We are trying to get it right and we listen to both those who love us as well as those who have a bone to pick. You comments and your business are truly appreciated.

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